Cape Malay chook curry with imbo kidney beans

What is Cape Malay chook curry with imbo kidney beans?
Cape Malay chicken curry, a beloved South African dish, offers a tantalizing blend of spices and flavors that has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide.

-one packet of IMBO kidney beans
-half a bunch of clean spinach( chopped)
-6 fowl portions
-canola oil
-1 big onion
-1 spoon of Cape Malay spice
-1 spoon of Cape Malay curry powder
-1 packet of tomato paste
-three cups of chook stock
-1 teaspoon of ground coriander
-1 can of chopped and diced tomatoes
– half teaspoon of ground cumin
-cape Malay curry sauce
-2 Bay leaves
-4 sparkling curry leaves
-half of cup of water
-salt and pepper to taste(optional)

Cape Malay chook curry with imbo kidney beans

Cook kidney beans in line with the package deal commands (I cooked mine in an on the spot pot for 40min) and set apart.

Marinate chook with Cape Malay curry spice and curry spice, go away to marinate for two hrs then in a preheated oven of 190degrees, bake the hen portions for 35min.

While the chook is baking In a massive pot add oil and as soon as hot add onions, fry them till golden brown. Add spices and Sautee for 3min. Add curry paste, bay leaves, curry leaves and stir. Set range to medium warmness and upload the kidney beans at the same time as stirring. Add chook inventory and the 1 can of tomatoes, depart to simmer for 10min. Add water and leave to simmer for another 5min.

Check for your meat inside the oven.

Stir the curry and upload salt and pepper to flavor, upload chopped spinach and depart to simmer for 5min.

Once the curry is done cooking area your baked hen on top of the kidney bean curry, near the lid of your pot and let it take a seat for 10min earlier than serving.

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