Apple juice canning

Apple juice canning
Applesauce is the primary fruit I can, usually 3 bushels every yr.
Amish human beings traditionally serve applesauce at all meals besides
breakfast. It is served as a side to almost the whole thing, even soup. My
own family eats applesauce with their pizza. My husband grew up
eating it that manner, and now our boys decide on that, too. I just smile and
watch them dip their pizza in their applesauce. Ginger Gold or similar
“candy” apples want less sugar than extra tart ones inclusive of the
Smokehouse range, even though in current years I’ve done
Smokehouse apples and they make scrumptious applesauce! You can
also use a aggregate of apples to suit your tastes.

Apple juice canning

Yield: 1 bushel of apples for approx. 25 quarts

1. Wash apples properly and take away stems. If using a Victorio strainer,
there’s no want to center or peel, but in case you need absolutely “clean”
applesauce without a specks, it’s higher to center and peel the apples.
2. Cover the lowest of a big pot with water about 2 inches deep.
3. Pour prepared apples (cut into fourths) into pot and produce to a boil.
4. Boil till tender and fluffy

5. Very carefully (apples might be warm) press apples via Victorio
strainer/meals mill. The resulting puree have to have a pleasing smooth
6. After apples are pureed, upload sugar to taste and stir well.
7. Ladle applesauce into jars, leaving lots of headspace (at least ½
inch or extra).
Eight. Process in warm-water bathtub for 20 minutes.

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